12kw fiber laser metal cutting machine

12KW Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

10K watt level laser cutting machine solves the limitation of laser cutting in thick steel plate cutting and is accepted and loved by more and more sheet metal fabricator.

With many advantages such as “low cost, high efficiency, and wide range application”, laser cutting technology has become an important supporting technology for industrial transformation and upgrading, it is the most advanced processing and manufacturing technology, which represents the manufacturing trends. The application of 10k watt laser cutting technology further broadens the application of laser processing.


The Application of 12kw Fiber Laser Cutting

According to the analysis of consumption in the steel industry, the main application industries of steel are construction, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, and energy, followed by shipbuilding and home appliances. Most of the plates used in these industries are medium-thick plates. Traditional medium-thick plates are processed by plasma cutting, flame-cutting, water cutting, wire cutting, and other processing methods, but there are some problems with these cutting methods comparing to laser cutting.

such as plasma cannot cut small holes in the metal sheet, Poor accuracy, large thermal impact area of the sheet metal, small parts don’t even be cut by the plasma machine, wide slits, too much waste of materials; flame cutting can only cut carbon steel,  cannot cut non-ferrous metals, and the cutting speed is slow; water cutting pollutes the water, and the metal parts is easy to get rusted, so it cannot be performed High-precision cutting steel; And the wire-cutting is a high precision cutting method, but the speed is too slow, the punching machine wears large abrasive tools, need to pay more cost for mold making and it is not flexible enough, it is good for cutting the same design with large quality.

12KW Laser Cutting


Plasma, Waterjet, Frame, Wire Cutting

Case 1: Gear Cutting

Application industry: construction machinery, rail transit, automation equipment, etc.

In addition to the unique advantages of 10kw-12kw laser equipment in cutting thick steel plates, it’s extremely powerful to process high-precision parts for the same gear workpiece.  the high temperature generated during plasma cutting will make the gear sharp corners dull without sharpness, the cutting surface is rough and not smooth, obviously is low accuracy.  A milling machine is required to refinish the rounded gears into sharp gears; The 12k watt laser cutting can cut sharp corners at one time, and the laser cutting section is smooth, which can meet the high-precision requirements of aerospace, power equipment, petroleum equipment, automobile manufacturing, and other more heavy-duty industries.

Demo Cutting Comparing Plasma Cutting and Laser Cutting Carbon Steel , Thickness 12mm

plasma vs laser cutting

Case 2:

Aluminum Curtain Wall Cutting

 Aluminum Wall Cladding,

and Window Veener Grilles Cutting

Application industry: construction, curtain wall industry

For complex pattern, the normal processing methods such as plasma cutting, frame cutting, CNC milling, cannot be completed the cutting process at one time, it requires some other machine to finish it, to get the results we expected. But, the flexible laser cutting machine is available to cut any design in your computer, the cutting speed, and cutting effects even much better than the normal cutting process methods.

Let’s Take the thick metal curtain wall cutting as an example, if we want to cut a metal curtain wall design 10-25mm, in a normal way, if we will use a CNC engraving machine to cut it, the cutting speed is slow, but it is a failure to cut sharp corner in the design if we use the water jet cutting machine will be ok, just the speed a bit slow. Now if we use a 10kw or 12kw fiber laser cutting machine to cut the Aluminum curtain wall and aluminum window, the result is clean, without any water, fast cutting speed. The cutting area could be as large as the exact machine working area, for example in fiber laser cutting machine 2060FD can cut the maximum aluminum sheet up to 2000*6000mm. Absolutely it will help to improve the efficiency of cutting the aluminum curtain wall and the window grills. There is a problem of the laser cutting before, the aluminum material is a kind of high reflective material, laser beam easy to be reflected, but now already be solved by the updated fiber laser technology. So, we can cut it right away.

Case 3:

Laser Cutting Small hole in Thick Plate

Application industry: petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy

Traditional cutting technology requires the use of molds and tools to finish the processing, the disadvantage is when you need to change the design, and you need to remake the mold and it will be costly, and much more time required, There are more flexible of laser cutting, just like the photo’s design, the plasma cutting is not possible to use cutting hole diameter less than steel plate thickness, it means you can not use plasma to cut a 10mm hole in the 25mm thick steel plate. And we can use 10kw or 12kw to cut the minimum hole diameter 20% of the steel plate thickness, it means you can even cut a 5mm hole into the 25mm steel plate.

Demo Cutting Comparision

 CNC Engraving and Laser Cutting 4mm 6mm 8mm hole in 25mm Thick Carbon Steel Plate

chart of small hole cutting in thick steel plate

How To Ensure Powerful 12kw Laser Cutting?

The unique design of industrial high Power laser Machine, which integrated smart CNC control system, high-power protective and anti-burning system, Section Exhaust system with air cleaning design.

high power laser cutting machine

The IPG laser YLS-CUT series are specifically born for metal cutting applications, stable quality has been accepted by thousands of metal fabricator.

Advantages have been known as,

  • The photoelectric conversion rate more than 40%, which saves electricity while you are using the laser cutting day by day
  • Free Maintenance through the lifetime
  • Hot redundancy protection, quick start without any problem,
  • Compact design, Powerful cutting ability
  • New fiber optic module design, super reliability, stable performance always
  • The digital power module developed by IPG provides extremely high efficiency.
  • The hermetic cabinet with a drying system can be used in harsh production environments.
  • High Peak Power (HPP) option enable faster and cleaner piercing,
  • Faster piercing in the thicker material to increase the production speed.
precitec procutter head

As a leading company of the laser cutting, the Precitec bring various of solution for advance laser cutting, and the fiber laser cutting head ProCutter has been known as the best options for powerful laser cutting up to 12kw, unique water cooling system, gas flow design and intelligent sensor monitoring the cutting monitor the condition of the cutting process. All to ensure it work with high power fiber laser, and it balances the high-quality cutting and high-speed cutting, Reliable laser cutting head to guarantee cutting quality the productivity.

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