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Why Do People Choose Fiber Laser Source?

Why do people choose fiber laser source for their industrial process such as laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding, laser cleaning, laser cladding, etc.

No need explains what is the fiber lasers, but have to explain the advantages of the fiber lasers.
-Fiber laser source offers a short wavelength of 1070nm fiber laser, which is 1/10th of the of a CO2 laser’s wavelength, and it is more easily absorbed by metallic materials.

-Fiber laser source has a high-quality fiber laser beam, which can achieve a smaller spot diameter, even in the longer working distance and deeper focal depths still provides fast processing speed.

-Fiber laser source Photoelectric conversion efficiency rate up to 30℅, thereby reducing the utility costs of power and cooling.

-The long life span of the fiber laser source, up to 100000 hours, and, low maintenance costs, fiber cable transmission, high efficiency, and no dimming, this is why fiber lasers replace CO2 lasers are used in metal plate cutting, welding!

-The fiber laser source is compact, lightweight, and flexible to be integrated into motion systems.

-It is adjustable to the spot size of the fiber laser source, to meet different requirements application requirements, For example, laser cutting requires a smaller spot to get the high-quality laser beam; It requires a larger spot for metal welding and metal cladding. That’s why fiber lasers are widely used in different industries, laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding, laser cleaning, laser cladding, and many more possibilities available in the future!


What Types and Applications of Fiber Laser

Q-Switch Fiber Laser Source

Applicable: Precision Welding, Ceramic Cutting

Continuous Wave Fiber Laser Source

Application:  Laser Cutting, Welding, 3D Printing

QCW Fiber Laser Source

Applicable: Precision Welding, Ceramic Cutting

Manufacturing Brands of Fiber Laser Source

IPG Photonics

we can say IPG Photonics is the world No.1 fiber laser source manufacturer and developer, Manufacturing in the USA, Germany and Russia. IPG Photonics’ diverse lines of low, medium and high-power lasers and amplifiers are used in materials processing, communications, entertainment, medical, biotechnology, scientific and advanced applications.

Raycus Laser

Raycus Laser has been recognized as the No.1 fiber laser source manufacturer in China. Now they have their own international fiber laser key device research and development center, production product includes the continuous fiber laser source from low power to high power, pulsed fiber laser source, QCW fiber laser source, Q-switched fiber laser source, etc.

MAX Photonics

MAX Photonics is a leading fiber laser source manufacturing company located in Shenzhen, was Committed to becoming a pioneer of domestic ultra-high power industrial lasers, recently released 5000W single module and 35000W multi-module CW fiber laser, which great support the thick steel cutting up to 70mm.

JPT Laser

JPT Opto-electronics is a ‘National High-tech Enterprise’ focuses on the R&D, production of fiber optics, and fiber lasers. Famous in its Mopa fiber laser source, they have a strong R&D team with several PhDs and Masters.and their own production lines, warehouses, offices, research laboratories, etc. around 20,000 square meters. Passed ISO 9001:2008, TL certification, UL, RoHS, etc.

How to Buy The Fiber Laser Source?

1. If you are an integrated manufacturer of laser machines, you can directly contact the laser manufacturer to get a quote and support, because there will be a good discount for large QTY purchases.

3. You can also choose to buy on some shopping platforms. We recommend that you find an experienced factory to cooperate with. Some companies are large and look professional, but they are not intended to provide the laser source to you, and some trading companies just Selling goods and disable to provide follow-up services, so for fiber lasers, the technology items, we must find a suitable supplier with technical support. This is very important, which can reduce a lot of future troubles.

2. If the number of fiber lasers you buy is not a big quantity, or you just want to buy a fiber laser source to upgrade your plasma cutting machine or a low-power laser cutting machine by yourself, then you can choose GYC laser, we are the strategic partner of them, which means we can get a better price for you, Meanwhile,   as a professional laser equipment manufacturer, we have rich experience in laser equipment manufacturing and industrial applications. We can share this with you without any extra cost.

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The Development Trend Of The Fiber Laser 

1. Pulsed fiber lasers with high average power and high peak power. In many laser applications, high-quality beam, low power lasers are used as seed light optic sources, and double-clad fibers are used as amplifiers to easily obtain high average power and high pulses.
2. High-power fiber lasers with high beam quality in the direction of higher brightness are in strong demand in scientific research and military fields. The main users are scientific research institutions, universities, and government departments.
3. The development towards a higher power. Driven by the demand for high-tech fields such as shipbuilding and aerospace and the wide application of additive manufacturing technology, higher output power has become one of the main research contents of fiber laser development. The output power of fiber laser will change from Hundred watts and kilowatts are developing towards 10,000 watts.
4. Modularization and intelligence In order to meet the various needs of lasers in the market, fiber lasers will gradually move towards serialization, combination, standardization, and generalization.
5. Ultrashort pulse fiber lasers. In the field of laser fine processing, such as perforating brittle materials and cutting sapphire glass, ultra-fast ultra-short pulse fiber lasers are required.