raycus laser source

Pre-Sales Service

1. Provide professional solutions: according to the actual production needs of customers to provide industry solutions on product models, prices, technology and so on. Including door-to-door, Internet, telephone and other means.

2. Provide proofing service: according to customer drawings and processing requirements, provide cutting samples, and provide video cutting parameters.

3. Provide case study: customers can visit the factory, but also can make an appointment to have completed a customer site visit.

Sales Service

1. Integrity and cooperation: honesty-based, the pursuit of excellence.
2. Quality assurance: strictly implement the terms of the contract, we strictly abide by the product standards, and strictly abide by the quality inspection.

After-Sales Service

1. Life long technical support.
2. Free training.
3. Two years warranty for the whole machine (except optical devices, nozzles and other wear and tear parts).
4. Fast response within half an hour, can be put forward directly in the WeChat group, engineers respond quickly to answers your quesitons.
5.Quick door-to-door service, remote control to solve the problem engineers
6. Regular maintenance service, and local service available in more and countries.