The Advantages of Fiber Laser VS Nd:YAG laser in Steel Cutting

We can simply say that the Nd: YAG is an old generation laser, and Fiber Laser is the new Technology. fiber lasers deliver their energy through an integrated flexible optical fiber. Fiber lasers have a monolithic, entirely solid-state, the fiber-to-fiber design that does not require mirrors or optics to align or adjust. These features make fiber lasers easier to integrate and operate in production!

Laser light Efficiency

Nd: YAG laser has an energy efficiency level of around 4%. So it requires a big water cooler system. The huge cost of electricity. Fiber laser up to 35% conversion efficiency, just cooling with a small chiller will ok.


Free maintenance of Fiber laser, and no need to clean and align the mirror, Just consumable of the protective lens and Nozzle.


Fiber laser cutting laser source life span up to 100,000hrs, lamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser around 1000hrs, and diode-pumped Nd:YAG is 10,000-20,000hrs.


Free maintenance of Fiber laser, and no need to clean and align the mirror, Just consumable of the protective lens and Nozzle.

Laser Beam path

It is an optic cable in the fiber laser, flexible! Nd:Yag laser requires the reflective mirror to transfer the laser beam. Complicated and require to optimized monthly.


In the beginning investment, The cost of the fiber laser is little more than Nd:YAG laser, but considering the running cost and fee of maintenance, the total cost of the fiber cutting machine is much cheaper than the cost of Nd:YAG laser, that is the reason




What Parts Should I Buy To Change To Fiber Laser?

raycus 1000w laser source

Raycus Fiber Laser Source

The fiber laser source is the most important part of the fiber laser cutting machine, it generates the laser light, and transfer by a fiber optic cable, high efficiency, and free maintenance, Raycus fiber laser source is the world-famous brand of the fiber laser source. the life span of the laser source up to 100,000hrs, So we recommend you the Raycus fiber laser cutting laser source to replace your YAG cutting system. Now we have a better rate for the Raycus laser source.

Fiber Laser Cutting Head

It is Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head for steel sheet metal cutting, designed for 1000w and 1500w fiber optic laser source. Powerful piercing function, it is no problem to cut carbon steel up to 15mm.

fiber laser cutting head
fiber laser water chiller

Water Chiller for Cooling Laser Source

This dual temperature water chillers specially designed for cooling 1000W fiber lasers are characterized by dual circulating refrigeration system and dual temperature control system.

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