In the field of metal cutting, plasma cutting has a very important position in the industrial field, but with the development of fiber laser technology, laser cutting in high speed, high photoelectric conversion rate, no cutting burr, that is the reason that metalworking man prefers laser cutting. Then, will laser cutting replace plasma cutting?

Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of the laser cutting and the Plasma Cutting,

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the laser beam produced by the laser, finally focused by the focusing lens to the surface of the metal sheet, in the focus of the laser beam it is a high temperature, so that the metal sheet was heated points instant melting or vaporization to form a slit. At the same time in the process of cutting to be assisted by gas will cut the slit of the slag blowing, and ultimately achieve the processing purposes. Because the laser has a different wavelength, we now refer the fiber optical laser for metal processing, in cutting metal plate, the photoelectric conversion rate can reach more than 30%, It is mainly used for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel sheet with thickness less than 20mm, especially for parts with complex shape and high precision of cutting surface. Because the laser has the characteristics of high intensity, so the laser cutting shows high cutting speed, high processing accuracy, slit very narrow, generally do not need follow-up polishing.

Ahead with the updates of the high-power laser cutting technology, there will be more and more users choose laser machine to cut thick metal sheet!

Laser Cutting Machine Advantages:

1. Small Cutting Slit, the cutting surface can be directly used for welding, do not need to be polished again, Most of the fabricator prefer to work in this way.

2.High-Speed Cutting: The speed of cutting 1mm stainless steel up to 60m / Min (different laser power, different cutting speed) , much faster than the speed of the plasma cutting.

3. High-Quality, No deformation, especially in cutting stainless steel, clean, and beautiful section!

High Accuracy, Positioning accuracy is 0.05 mm, Repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0.02 mm.

The disadvantages of laser cutting: Initial investment costs relative to plasma cutting, generally in more than 50,000 USD, At the same time in cutting thick plate needs higher power, that requires more investment.

Plasma Cutting

1. The plasma cutting works by using oxygen or nitrogen as working gas, using the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to partially melt and vaporize the metal at the cutting edge of the workpiece And the use of high-speed plasma flow momentum exclusion of molten metal to form a slotting process. Plasma cutting is suitable for cutting all kinds of metal materials, mainly for sheet metal cutting.

Advantages of Plasma Cutting:

the initial equipment costs are lower than the laser machine, the powerful for thick carbon steel sheet cutting, and the maintenance of the plasma cutting machine is easy.

Plasma Cutting Weakness:

1. Cutting accuracy is far less than laser cutting, especially for stainless steel cutting, most of the customer will select laser cutting.

2. More cutting slag: There will be a lot of cutting slags in the bottom of the sheet, need to be polished to remove.

1. Cutting accuracy is far less than laser cutting, especially for stainless steel cutting, most of the customer will select laser cutting.

2. More cutting slag: There will be a lot of cutting slags in the bottom of the sheet, need to be polished to remove.

3. Harmful Gases and ARCS, the principle of the plasma cutting determines the cutting process will produce harmful dust and arcs, dust, bring pollution to the whole workshop!

4. Requires lots of consumption, for example, the cutting nozzle.

Based on our previous experience, we think the future of metal cutting will be an act in the following ways:

(1) with the development of fiber laser technology in China, the fiber cutting equipment will be cheaper in the future.

(2) laser cutting machine will be popular for the metalworking industry, the advantages of laser cutting are very clear to everyone, why there were not too many people to buy the laser cutting machine, is because the price of the laser machine is very high, which only manufactured by Europe, the United States, and Japan. Now, China’s production of laser cutting machine was developed, just like the high-speed chain in China, Superior performance, And the price is Eco-friendly to the market.

(3) More flexible machining, laser cutting will be further improved for the machining of more complex curved surface steel cutting.

(4) with the development of the technology of laser cutting, thick sheet cutting, high-power, and large-area laser cutting, will be getting popular.

(5) the future laser cutting machine will be more intelligent to combine with CNC technology, optical technology, and high precision metalworking.

With the development of the society, and the technology is developing, flame-cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, are tools invented by human beings in order to improve efficiency, Obviously, the trend of the laser cutting ability will getting more Powerful, Higher Speed, At the same time the cost is getting lower and lower, thus becoming the first choice of metal cutting in metalworking industry! Of course, other processing methods will also be used by some of the users, because the technology update, is definitely not a one or two-day thing, which is why many users choose to buy a variety of equipment together to achieve maximum efficiency!